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A Veteran's Perspective

Imagine briefing Space Command before a nuclear missile test. Mix it with the entertainment of a TEDx talk – Will simplifies complexity.

Previous audiences ranging from NASA officials to church sanctuaries, SpaceX engineers and colleges.

An ace in press conferences, live interviews & podcasts. You're not just getting a speaker; you're getting someone that can turn every platform into a performance.


Leadership Development

Actively perform and succeed in high stakes operations 

Supercharge Marketing

How to generate creative business ideas to make your brand stand out

Social Media Influence

Build a large online brand with a multitude of active sponsors


Master Communication

Improve clarity, active listening & empathy

Day-to-Day Time Management

Task prioritization & productivity hacks at an OCD level

Simplifying Your Brand’s Processes

How to find & eliminate the TRASH

Storytelling Techniques

Capture attention, deliver messages & be remembered

Motivation and Career Growth

Treat life like a video game, use cheat codes, break every rule & advance

Phone Sales and Personal Branding

Negotiation techniques, tonality & building an authentic personal brand


Will Collette

Will Collette is a former Air Force Captain, TEDx speaker, and experienced communicator. He's addressed high caliber organizations like SpaceX, NASA, the FAA, and is responsible for a few impactful church sermons. A UNC graduate with a background in communication, leadership development, finance and phone sales, he's also contributed to shooting major shows like EDC, The Chainsmokers, Big Sean, and dozens of other a-list artists. As a flight commander for the Air Force's combat camera unit, he's been responsible for budgets well over $8M with as many as 50 trained Airmen under his command. With a substantial social media following, he continues to inspire and engage while currently specializing in the exotic car industry; focusing on performance part sales, racing, and supercar building.



The Art of Unpredictability

Escape Routine. Go On Adventures.

Live The Life You've Always Wanted.

This book is more about balance than anything. You see, we all need an equal balance of routine and surprise in our lives. Predictability and unpredictability. Each person’s balance is different. Some people value more chaos, and others value more structure. Where that line is drawn is up to you. This book highlights the unpredictable side. Will has collected the best moments and challenges of Las Vegas adventures, Coldplay concerts, and major car crashes to reveal how you can develop his strongest personality trait—being completely unpredictable. You get to create your own rules, the boundaries are limited only by your creativity, and the best part is that anything is possible...Yes you’ve heard that before. But how many people do you know who actively prove it?

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Featured in Forbes

Social Media Influencers:

The Next Big Thing In Automotive Marketing?

numbers don't lie

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Karl Brauer

Forbes Writer

“I’ve brought Will to various private events to help me cover stories. His ability to network and connect others is unmatched, and has even created some new opportunities for stories I’ve written for multiple outlets."
"Will has addressed the high level clients I invite on my rallies. I’ve seen him quickly win the trust of a large group of people with his solid set of core values and contagious levels of confidence."

Shivam Kashiwala

U.S. Air Force Captain

""I served with Will in the Air Force. I watched him brief some of the nation's top leaders and space command's highest officials. I'd trust him with any mission."



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